4 Reasons Why You Should Get An Electrical Inspection Before Moving into Your New Purchased Home

Jul 2, 2021

Being a homeowner can be both exciting and frustrating at the same time. It is exciting because a house is one of the most expensive investments one can have; but it can also be frustrating because of the many things you have to attend to. Among those things that you need to secure is an electrical inspection before you move in. In this article, we will share with you why it is a very important task.


4 Reasons Why You Should Get An Electrical Inspection Before Moving into Your New Purchased Home


#1 It guarantees household safety

As the common saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure”. So this is why it is good to run an electrical inspection before the move in to prevent electrical hazards from happening. A faulty electrical power system in the house can cause your whole investment to turn to ashes, literally. Thus, you should avoid such an incident by hiring a reliable and licensed electrician in Queensland to conduct an electrical inspection for your new home.

The electrical inspection will involve the checking of wirings, outlets, switches, plugs, and circuit boards for any sign of damage. You can also ask your trusted electrician to conduct a test and tag on the new appliances that you will use in your new home. Checking for fire safety devices such as circuit breakers and fire alarms are also done during electrical inspections.

Don’t leave this up to the new builder to say everything is good to go.


#2 It helps you make the right decision

When you are still looking for an existing house to buy, hiring a licensed electrician to conduct an inspection is convenient. Since a house is an expensive investment, you might want to ensure that there are no additional charges after buying one.

What are these additional charges?

These can be in the form of electrical repairs that have to be addressed by the previous owner before exchanging contracts. Should there be an issue with the power system, he can advise  you if the issue is tolerable. So you will need a reliable electrician,who can tell you whether the electrical system is good and foolproof.


#3 It can help you get the best out of a deal

Running an electrical inspection before buying a property can help you negotiate with the seller. If issues with the electrical power system in the house have been detected, you might get the house for a lower price. Since it will require a budget to be resolved, you can talk to the property seller if the repair fee can be deducted from the price of the house. This makes the deal more favourable for you.


#4 It helps you find a trusted tradie that can help you with any future issues

Building a connection with a trusted household service provider is important. So when you hire an electrician for your home’s electrical inspection, you can rely on that provider for any future issues.

Maintaining a house is difficult. There are many things to consider and work on. However, you’ll find that things are easier when you have a reliable electrician to save you from stressful future issues.

Are you looking for an ideal house with no electrical surprises? Contact us to help you check over your new investment? Let us help you.

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