Spring cleaning has been a tradition if not a habit for most households in Queensland. So if you are also planning to do a spring clean soon, you might want to include these 5 electrical maintenance you can do by yourself.


5 Electrical Maintenance Ideas To Do While Spring Cleaning


Test Your Smoke Detector

Smoke alarms are mandatory safety devices for residential properties in Queensland. Whether you are renting an apartment or have your own home, it is crucial to test if the smoke alarms installed in the house are working. You must test your smoke detector and change its batteries (if battery-operated) once every year. When else is the perfect time to do that than during your spring cleaning routine?

Testing a smoke alarm is rather simple, just press the alarm button and check if the siren wails. If not, you should report it immediately to your landlord or call a professional electrician for proper repair or replacement procedures.


Clean Your Fans and Change the Fan Direction

Your ceiling fan’s blades can accumulate dust particles over time, especially, when not in use. So you may want to include cleaning your ceiling fan, too. All you have to do is dust off the blades. You can also use water and mild soap to rid deep-seated dirt from the fan.

When cleaning your ceiling fan, it is also advisable to change the fan direction. You can find a switch on your ceiling fan that will indicate whether the blades will rotate clockwise (for winter setting) or counterclockwise (for summer setting).


Change and Clean AC filters

Cleaning your air conditioner’s filter is among the electrical maintenance you’ll need an expert to do it for you. So even if it’s tempting to do it on your own, it is better to have a professional look into it so they can also inspect your air conditioning system.


Simple Appliance Cleaning

They are few appliances at home that you can clean by yourself without worrying about inducing damages or causing malfunctions some of them include:

  • Clean your washing machine’s lint filter – Your washing machine’s filter can get clogged with lint from clothing over time. If left unchecked, it can affect the washing machine’s performance. Thus, make a habit of checking the filter for lint.
  • Dust off the fridge’s condenser coils – The condenser coils of the fridge are among the typical parts of the house we forget to clean. Due to the shape of the coils, dust can build up on its surface so you have to dust it off once in a while.
  • Clean your dishwasher – You may run an empty load in your dishwasher to clean it up, simple and easy.


Test Your RCD Safety Switches

Another electrical device that is needed to be tested while you’re doing the spring cleaning is the RCD safety switch. The safety switch is another electrical safety device that goes off to prevent electric shock from happening. To test the switch, you have to locate the button with the “T” label, press it down and see if the switch flicks off. If not, call your local electrician for a proper assessment.



We often remind everyone to avoid DIY when it comes to electricity and appliances. However, some electrical maintenance such as cleaning and testing safety devices can be done at home even without the help of an electrician.

For more complex electrical works and appliance repair, send us a message today!

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