Do you know that your lights have a significant effect on the aesthetics and ambience of your house? So, whether you’re renovating your home or planning a new build, here are our 7 tips that will help you on how to plan the right lighting for your home.


5 Tips On How To Plan The Right Lighting For Your Home


Know first the basics

Elegance is related to balance. So anything that is overdone or underdone will never look appealing. That is why you need to understand the basic principles when designing a lighting plan.


Three layers of lighting

Below are the basics of a lighting plan that you need to know.


Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting forms the foundation of all the lighting in your home. This is the soft light that is used to naturally illuminate a room, just like chandeliers and overhead lighting.


Task lighting

Task lighting is practically for working areas that need direct light. It can be desk lamps, reading lights, and/or lights inside cabinets.


Accent lighting

Accent lighting such as spotlights and wall lights are for highlighting specific areas in the house such as:

  • Pendants
  • Wall lights
  • Spotlights
  • Oyster lights
  • Dimmable downlights


This creates a stylish and homey ambience for your rooms.


How to start with your lighting plan?


Now, let’s go down to the 7 tips on how you can plan the right lighting for your home.


1. Get a floor plan on hand

When planning the right lighting for your home, it’s best to have a copy of the house’s floor plan. Study each area, its uses, and the furniture.This way you can easily project how you should light up the different areas of your house.


2. Identify the “would be” activities in each area

Consider the possible activities that will happen in each area and how you plan to spend time in these corners. So in your kitchen, you may add a light above the kitchen stove for better cooking experience; whilst in the bathroom you may add a lighting installed at face level to aid you with your daily facial care.


3. Consider the ambience of the room

Take note of the colours that are used or will be used in each area of the house. Remember that dark surfaces can absorb light, on the contrary light surfaces will reflect it. So, if you are planning a cosy atmosphere in the living room; then it is best to add more ambient lighting to it. But if you are thinking of a calmer and peaceful area, then concentrate more into adding accent lighting to it.


4. Take note of the areas to highlight

Are there certain areas in the room that you want your guest to focus on upon entry such as a photo wall, painting, bookshelves or a piece of furniture? Use the power of lighting to drive their attention to it.


5. Set a budget

Last, but one of the most important tips you should never forget is the BUDGET. Be aware that the lighting costs vary depending on many factors. This includes the size, wattage, materials it was made and more. So, make sure to allocate a specific budget to it or you may find yourself overspending.



Do you need help in choosing the right combination of lighting you should use? We can assist you in planning the right lighting for your home up to which lightings to choose. Let’s talk.

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