When it comes to maintaining electrical works, commercial buildings are more complicated than an average household. To avoid bigger problems, hiring a licensed electrician in Toowoomba is recommended rather than doing these fixes on your own.


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Below are the most frequent electrical problems that commercial buildings encounter:


1. Dimming Lights

Often times, we do this ourselves – we replace the dimming or flickering light bulbs. Keep in mind that if this is not done properly, an adverse result may occur. Poor connection in the circuit can lead to more serious problems.


2. Exposed Electrical Wire

To prevent power interruptions you need to ensure that the building’s wiring connections are protected and secured. Hiring an expert electrician such as DCI for this matter is a must. They ‘re the one who’s knowledgeable in the issue. You can be sure that your electrical wirings’ are secured from any human tampering.


3. Loose Connections

Most of the time, loose connections happen during renovations and repairs in the building. A loose connection can cause overheating that may lead to a fire if not given preventive measures immediately.


4. Tripping Breakers

When a circuit is being overloaded with excess usage, this should be given immediate attention as it can easily lead to a dangerous outcome such as a fire. Call an expert electrician to check your electrical system. They can tell if it’ll need another circuit or an upgrade.


5. Faulty Installation

There are electrical devices that we can install ourselves but there are types of equipment that must be installed by an electrician, such as aircon and other wiring connections. Electricians are trained in this area. They have standards, codes, and regulations to follow with the installation and maintenance of these different types of electrical equipment.

A qualified electrician needs to have an electrical contractors license and work under the AS3000 code and is answerable to the Electrical Safety Office at all times. So choose someone that has these qualifications to ensure the work is properly executed.


6. Electrical Fires

Problems can arise due to faulty installation and bigger problems such as electrical fires. Faulty installation can lead to dangerous wiring issues or electrical fires causing considerable damage to a dwelling.

Misused and overused of electrical devices/equipment can also cause problems. DCI Toowoomba can send you qualified and skilled tradesman/electrician ware experts that can give you professional assistance in this issue. You are sure that they can properly execute the maintenance and repair of your electrical system.


7. Few Outlets

Instead of just relying on power strips and extension cords, offices function more efficiently by adding more outlets. In this way, the building is protected from a possible fire. Hire Toowoomba electricians to do this for you.


8. Electrical and Grounding System Problems

Electrical and grounding system problems, caused by improper and unbalanced branch circuits and wired feeders, do not show any signs of problems and are most likely to be overlooked.

Tap the help of DCI Toowoomba electricians to help check if your electrical and grounding systems are showing possible signs of a problem.


9. Burnt Out Light Bulbs

Light bulbs are important for offices. It helps them to execute daily operations. Just imagine working in the dark. However, these light bulbs also need fine-tuning, repair and replacement once these have been overused. Call an expert Toowoomba electrician who will not only replace the burnt out light bulbs but also check other electrical problems.

Hopefully, this article has shown you the most common electrical problems encountered by commercial buildings.

Remember, prevention is better than cure. If you need licensed and skilled Toowoomba electricians, call DCI Electrical now.

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