To save money and time, people try to do things on their own. Not knowing that there are some they can’t and not allowed to do by themselves. Electrical works are one them.




Yes, you may save a little but honestly, it’s not worth the risk. Problems may arise and most unfortunately, it can cause lives.

Here are reasons why you should avoid DIY electrical work.


1. It’s illegal

Handling electrical work needs to be done by a professional electrician. This means a licensed electrician. Thus an unauthorised person doing a DIY electrical work is against the law.

Surely, you can buy electrical parts and equipment but connecting, installing, replacing or altering them to any electrical work is a no-no.


2. It’s dangerous and lethal

Electrical current, especially high voltages pose grave danger to people that come into contact with it. It’s either an injury or worst – death. There are electrical standards to follow. Proper equipment are to be used. You may not know these unless your a licensed electrician. Untimely death can be the consequence of trying to DIY your electrical works.


3. Potential property damages and loss

Trying to DIY electrical work may cause you property damages and loss. And you won’t be able to get anything from the insurance company in that case. Electrical fires can happen due to poor installation, inaccurate use of equipment or electrical faults. In case that happens, not only your property is at risk but you and your loved ones lives too. Take note of that.


4. Imprisonment and penalties

Some people are tempted to do DIY electrical installations in hope of saving money. Litle do they know that by doing so, they put themselves at a higher risk of having to pay bigger penalties and worst get imprisoned.

A fine up to $40,000 is given to an individual with unlicensed DIY electrical work – and if that DIY cause another person – illnesses, injury or death – a maximum fine of $60,000 is given to an individual and $3,000,000 for a corporation or 5 years in prison.  –  SOURCE: Worksafe QLD

Electrical works such as installing a new power source, removing, altering, construction, manufacturing, and replacement of electrical equipment – are a tedious and complicated job. Only licensed electricians are allowed to do it.



For any electrical work, always hire a licensed electrical contractor. They can ensure a standard and legal work and save you time, money, and lives. Avoid DIY electrical work, rather call us for any electrical jobs you may have in Toowoomba.

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