Importance of Installing Smoke Alarm Systems - electrical services Toowoomba

Prevention is better than cure. This reminder can be best observed in properties that could ignite or create major incidents, such as fire, as this will definitely create havoc in the neighbourhood. Thus, Queensland homes are now mandated to install smoke alarm systems.

Why is there a need to install smoke alarm systems in Toowoomba homes?

Smoke alarm system installation is beneficial to homeowners as this acts as an early warning device for you to escape a house fire. Some, such as photoelectric smoke alarms, uses light to detect smoke. Thus quickly alerting our household of any fire alert.

Apart from these things, below are the other reasons why having smoke alarm systems in your property is important. Read on.

Smoke alarm saves lives.

In 2011, Australia’s worst house fire happened at Slacks Creek, South of Brisbane. Eleven people including eight children died when a fire tore through the Logan property. The house has two smoke alarms but neither had worked. And this pushed the State Government to mandate installing photoelectric smoke alarms in all Queensland homes.


A smoke alarm system can detect early warning signs of fire. This gives people ample time to escape. Thus, keeping them safe from a possible incident that might happen.

Smoke alarm reduces property loss.

Whenever smoke alarm gives warning for a possible incident, people can call the fire officers to control the fire.

Calling out emergency responders and fire trucks at an early signal of fire can prevent a major incident. The faster the response, the sooner the fire is controlled and the less damage your property sustains.

Haven’t installed smoke alarms yet? Our reliable electricians can assist you to ensure your home’s safety. Send us a message.

Smoke alarm shortens your house recovery time.

Less building damage means shorter downtime until you can reopen your property or business. This will enable you to return to business as usual expected.

Meanwhile, here are some of the safety checklist that professionals use to remember when installing photoelectric smoke alarms:

  • Always undertake a risk assessment.
  • Turn off first the electricity at the switchboard before entering the ceiling space and performing any work.
  • After completing the electrical work, ensure the circuits have been tested in accordance with Section 8 of the Wiring Rules
  • Request for an Issue Certificate as a guarantee it has been properly tested for safety.

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Installing smoke alarms is important to any property in Toowoomba. Not only will it help in managing fire risks, but it also helps in protecting life and property.

Keep your loved ones safe. Consider having smoke alarms in your Toowoomba property now. Let our licensed and highly skilled team of electricians will assist you from installation to any electrical breakdowns. Send us a message.