Switch to Safety Switches hot water system repairs Toowoomba

Do you know that safety switches can save lives?

Yes, it does!

Safety switches installed in your Toowoomba homes is extremely helpful in preventing an electrical fault. These switches protect your home, especially your family from any electrical injury. Learn more about it below.

What are safety switches?

Safety switches are also called Residual Current Devices (RCD).

These devices cut power to an electrical circuit when an electrical leakage happens. Thus, whenever the circuit detects a leak, it will automatically stop the flow of electricity instantly. even As a result, no one receives a shock due to it.

Types of Safety Switches

There are four main types of safety switches:


  • Meter box mounted - These are staged next to circuit breakers in the meter box.



  • Power point safety switches – These are suited specific power points and perfect to safeguard appliances in some areas.



  • Combination safety switches and circuit breakers – These helps avoid electrical shocks. It also secures appliances and electrical circuits.



  • Portable Safety Switches – These are placed to a power board to guard the appliances connected to them.


Why make the switch to safety switches in Toowoomba

Government regulations have made safety switches mandatory in new homes in Australia, which applies to power lighting circuits and outlets. This may be expensive for some, but it is worth every human life. See the below stats:

Statistics show that fifteen (15) people are killed yearly in Australia homes because of electrical accidents in the absence of safety switches; while three hundred (300) people are being hospitalised every year because of serious electrical burns and injuries they get.


No one should ever underestimate the importance of installing safety switches in your Toowoomba homes. Never compromise the safety of your loved ones. Switch to safety switches. Send us a message, now.