Do your employees know what to do and where to go in time of an emergency? 

Why Are Emergency and Exit Lights Important In Toowoomba Buildings


Crisis situations, such as fire, are inevitable. This is why precautionary measures are installed in buildings and commercial areas in Toowoomba. This ensures people will know what to do in case things like this do happen. This includes the use of emergency and exit lights in various establishments.


This article discusses the many benefits these emergency and exit lights in Toowoomba buildings can deliver. Read on. 

The Standards Australia  and SafeWork Australia Mandate on Commercial Buildings


Standard Australia and SafeWork Australia are two bodies that create building and work safety standards that Australian Businesses should follow. Only after completion of these requirements are they provided with a WHS compliance certificate that signifies that they are authorised to operate in Toowoomba. 

Why are Emergency and Exit Lights Important?


We have listed some of the reasons why emergency and exit lights are a consider A MUST for any building or commercial establishment.


  1. They are essential in saving lives.


Emergency and exit lights in Toowoomba ensures a safe retreat once building lights fade or burst out due to a critical situation.


  1. It improves vision.


Emergency lights can improve vision through illumination for people’s safety in critical situations.


  1. It illuminates exit areas.


Illuminated exit signage shows the path to safety with appropriate exit images. This

directs people to passages, stairways, and ramps out of the building.


  1. It serves as a guide.  


If power outages occur, emergency and exit lights will stay on for your guide outside.


  1. It helps calm people during emergencies.


Emergency lights and exit signages gives hope to people who are desperate to go out of the building. This makes people calmer and secured even during critical situations.


Safety Reminders with your Emergency and Exit Lights

Do you have emergency and exit lights in your Toowoomba building? That is a great! However, ensure that you perform the following on a regular basis to ensure it will work efficiently, especially during critical conditions:


  • Emergency and Exit lights in the establishment must be tested at least every six months to ensure they are prepared and in good condition.
  • There must be enough emergency and exit lights installed in a building, including the stairways, hallways, passages, ramps and doors that are a direct exit from the building.
  • These lights must cover the isolated exit areas in every level of the building


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