“A failure will not appear until a unit has passed final inspection.” - Arthur Bloch


When Is The Perfect Time To Get An Electrical Inspection?



This is the value of an electrical inspection. It is to be done to ensure any faulty wiring is discovered before it even results in an accident. Thus, an electrical inspection involves checking your home’s wiring and other electrical pieces whether they are in good condition or can cause danger. This includes the following:


  • Testing of tools.   
  • Testing of safety switches.
  • Evaluating the level of electrical service
  • Checking for exposed wires 
  • Outdated wiring and others


But when can you tell that you need to get an electrical inspection? Find out the answers.


Before Deciding To Buy A House


Do you intend to buy a house? 


Before buying one, ensure it has passed an electrical inspection first. This will help you single out dangerous electrical situations that may happen, which can be very costly to repair if left unknown prior to the purchase. 


Should you intend to fix the repairs, it will give you leverage on the price of the property due to these electrical faults. 


When Staying In An Old House


Is your house over 25 years old already? Have you been experiencing electrical problems?


If your answer is YES, then you need an electrical inspection done to your house or building immediately. Call us at  (07) 4630 9788.


After A Strong Storm


There are “invisible effects” on the electrical wirings in your home after a major storm that can put you and your family’s safety at risk. Take all the necessary measures needed to keep your home safe. Consider having an electrical inspection to be safe from all electrical hazards after a storm. After all, your family’s priority should still be your top priority. Right?




It is a legal responsibility for householders to maintain a safe home. This includes the usage of electricity.

In fact, there are five rules from Queensland Government of Fair Trading that householders should keep in mind:


1. Keep regular maintenance.

2. Reflect on installing safety switches.

3. Make sure your electrical contractor issues a certificate of compliance

4. If you are renting, get in touch with your Landlord or Leasing Agent when experiencing electrical problems.

5. Advise your electrical provider if there is an electrical accident that needs a medical response.


Do you need to have your house checked for electrical inspection? Hire the services of a licensed electrician. Schedule an appointment with us.