Do you know that the more you use your heater, the most likely your energy consumption will increase? Thus, the end of autumn and the arrival of winter means increased energy consumption for your household. 


Do you wish to reduce this? Here are some tips:


How To Cut Energy Bills Winter



  1. Are you still using a plasma TV? Then get rid of it. You may not be aware but that TV consumes more electricity than a refrigerator


See here how switching to an energy-efficient TV can help you cut your energy bills.


  1. Use the power of plaster.  Plaster old wall vents, cover unused chimneys, cover crack, holes, gaps and other possible holes where the heat can escape. By doing this, you can keep and maintain the hot air inside your home and lessen the use of the heater. 


  1. Switch to LED lighting instead of regular incandescent lights. Why? Because LED lights use 75% less of energy than the regular lights and it has a longer life span. In that case, you can avoid frequent buying of regular lights replacement, thus save more money while cutting your bills.


  1. Cover your windows from the inside by using curtains, drapes, or blinds in the evening. This way you’ll be able to keep the heat during the night. You can also use turn your windows into thermal windows with the use of plastic film or bubble wraps. Just make sure you open them during the day to let the sunshine heat inside your house before trapping it in the night.


  1. One of the cheapest ways to heat up your home without blasting your bills is to use the reverse cycle in your air conditioning. This process uses the refrigeration of your AC unit to warm up your home. This is cheaper compared to the use of a regular heater. 


  1. Double glaze your windows. In doing this, the warmth that was created by the reverse-cycle of your AC unit can be kept for a longer time. This will not only cut your energy usage but it will also cut outside noise and improve your home’s security. 


  1. Another way to cut down your energy bills this autumn is by insulating your attic, floors, and walls. This is especially needed if you don’t have roof insulation.


  1. Use modern showerheads. Modern showerheads only use 5 litres of water per minute.  This helps cut down not only your energy bills but also your water consumption.


How much savings are we talking about?


Switching to water-efficient products or fixtures can save a household up to $175 per year. Isn’t that good for your savings?


  1. Do you still have that old fridge you bought 20 years ago? Did you know, that is one of the main causes for your inflating bills? Yes, it is. A regular fridge uses 495kwh of electricity each year which is equivalent to $163.35 and that can rise up more if it is placed in the garage.


Ditch your garage fridge and switch to inverter type of fridge. A fridge with inverter technology has an accelerator that can automatically adjust depending on the temperature of its surrounding. In that way, a lesser amount of electricity is used.  This helps in cutting your energy bills.


  1. If you can monitor your energy usage real-time, wouldn’t that be nice? Definitely! As it will help you adjust your usage immediately. 


Smart meters give you detailed information about your daily consumption. Thus, consider the use of a smart meter to help you cut your energy bills and save more money.




What do you think of these tips? 

How many are you doing already?

Do you have other tips you wish to share with us? Post your comments below.