Ceiling fans come in various designs, sizes, colours, and styles. They have even combined functionality and fashion to give you not only comfort and convenience but also elegance and style.


Style-wise What Is the Best Ceiling Fan to Choose


But why should you start considering adding ceiling fans to your homes? That is because it can greatly help in reducing your energy consumption. So what ceiling fan should you choose for your Toowoomba home and office? Here’s a guide for you to follow:


What is the best ceiling fan to choose?


Now, the wide range of ceiling fan choices in the market can overwhelm you. So, before going out there and becoming puzzled about which ceiling fan to choose, you can consider the points below.




First on our list of the points to consider is the safety of the ceiling fan you’ll choose. You need to ensure that the ceiling fan is inlined with the standard height


“The standard ceiling height in Australia is 2.4 metres. The standard installation height for ceiling fans is at least 2.1m from the floor to the blades of the fan, and at least 300mm from the ceiling. For homes where the ceiling is substantially higher, you can also buy extension rods lower fans, although as a rule of thumb it’s probably safer to mount them above arm’s reach if you have space.”


So, if your home’s floor line to ceiling line’s measurement is 2400mm, the height of the ceiling fan that you can use should not be longer than 300mm. This can help ensure that the fan is safe and will not cause danger in your home, especially if you have tall members in your family.


Energy efficient


Next thing to consider when choosing the best ceiling fan for your home is its energy efficiency capability.  There are two types of motors that are being used in ceiling fans, the AC and DC motor. Look below at the different capacities of these two.

AC (Alternating Current) Motor

DC (Direct Current) Motor

Major models use less than 90w on the highest speed but most of them use lesser than it

Can use up to 70% less of wattage than AC fans

Has a wide range of styles

Compact and light

The standard models come with wall control but almost all types can adapt to remote

Remote-controlled; Few have wall controls

Can be reversible from its motor

Can be reversible from the remote control

Consumes less energy compared to air conditioners

Use advance technology


Typically start, stop, and changes speed quickly


Quieter operation than AC motors


More speed level


These capabilities of AC and DC motor operated fans can help you determine which one is the best for you. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, your choice will now depend on your preference.


Reverse setting capability


A ceiling fan with a reverse cycle can be very helpful in keeping your home warm during winter. Why? Because it can push the hot air down that has accumulated in the ceiling. Hence, it can mix in the cold air below and make your home warm and cozy. So, the best ceiling fan to choose would be the one with a reverse cycle setting.


It has the right size and style


The best ceiling fan you can choose must have the right size and style that suits your home. However, this will depend on the floor to ceiling line measurement of your home. Just remember the standard and safe size we’ve noted on number 1.


When it comes to the fan’s design, you need to ensure that its style and colour matches your house style. For example, your living room is decorated in Hampton Style. Therefore, a fan that has wooden blades will be perfect for it. Since Hampton style is mostly white coloured, the dark shade of the fan’s blade can accentuate your white ceiling.


It is made of high-quality materials


Another important factor to look for in choosing the best ceiling fan is it must be made from the best materials.


Typically, ceiling fans can be made from timber, plastic, plywood, or steel. Ceiling fans that are produced from timber were said to be quieter, therefore, they’re perfect for bedrooms. Don’t worry if you don’t like the shade of timber but you want timber material, it comes now with different shades.


It fits outdoor installation


Next thing you might want to consider when choosing a ceiling fan is if it can be placed outside your house, like the verandah. 


If you haven’t noticed yet, you’ll see many houses with ceiling fans even on their verandahs. This is used to help cool the area. For this reason, you should ensure that it’s made from the right materials. 


Some of the factors you should consider are the choice of plywood vs plastic. You should know that a ceiling fan made of timber or plywood might swell when exposed to moisture. This makes plastic ceiling fans one of the best choices as they cannot absorb moisture and will not swell. 


It comes with a lighting fixture


Ceiling fans with lighting fixtures are now attractive for people who like to have both air and light in one device. So, if you’re one of them, then opting for a ceiling that comes with a lighting fixture is the best for you. It’s like buying two appliances in one.


Are you now confident that you can choose and get the best ceiling fan that is in style for your home? Or, do you want a little more help with it?


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