Do you want to easily connect to the internet at any corner of your home?

Does it irritate you whenever you go to a spot and there’s no data point?

Are you thinking of installing more data point at every level of your home for easier access?


What to look for when you're installing data points


Don’t worry, we all know how much hassle it brings for not being able to connect to the internet, especially during these trying times. So, if you want to get connected at any part of your home, below are the things to look for when you’re installing data points.


Things to look for when installing data points at home


Most devices today like laptops, mobile phones, and even printers are Wifi ready, however, a wired connection is better if you want to have stable internet. To ensure that your data point installation is safe and based on standard, make sure to follow and check the things below before adding a data point at your home.


What are Data Points?


To simplify it, Data Point is an extension of your connection from the main point to another. It provides you with easy access from the main connection source. Often, these points are wired to ensure faster and stable connection even your far from the modem or router.


Why do you need a Licensed Electrician?


It is important to know that installing data points is not a DIY project. You will have to deal with electrical wirings and cable that can cause harm to you, especially if you don’t have the proper knowledge of the installation process. You can get an electric shock or worse you can experience a short circuit in your electric line.


Data Point installation can’t be DIYed because there is a law to follow regarding this matter. Only a licensed electrician and cable provider can perform the installation. They have the proper knowledge and training with the said type of work, hence, they can ensure that the job is done safe and accurate.


What are the things to check before installation?


Now that you know that you can’t do this type of installation by yourself, hiring a professional electrician to handle the installation will be the best choice. So, after finding yourself a technician, here are the things you can check before proceeding with the installation:


  • Are there any flickering lights?
  • Are there any blown fuses on the switchboard?
  • Does the safety switch trips when you use two appliances at the same time?
  • Do you see any exposed wirings?
  • Are there any broken plates and switches?


Make sure to check these things and alert your electrician about it. This will help them become aware of the risks they might need to fix prior to the addition of Data Points in your home. Hence, they can ensure that your place is safe before doing the work.


How much does the installation cost?


Another thing to look for when you’re installing Data Points at your home or office is the cost. The average cost of Data Point installation can range from $150 to $300, but this can vary depending on the following:

  • Scope of work
  • Number of Data Points to install
  • Type of wall plates and other materials to use
  • The condition of the existing wires
  • Locations to place the new points


See to it that you discuss this with your electrician to ensure that you’re fully aware of it. Hence, you’ll know if your budget will be able to cover it all.


What benefits can you get?


Installing additional Data Points whether at home or office can make connecting to the Data easier. A wired cable connection means having a stable Data connection. Therefore, you can ensure that the important things that you’re doing online will not be interrupted.


With additional Data Points installed in the important corners of your home, doing your homework and tasks becomes more comfortable. No need to be stuck at one table to endure distraction. You can now go to the kitchen to work and dine at the same time. Or you can sit in your balcony and enjoy the nice weather while you finish your work. Very ideal isn’t it?

Want to install new Data Points?


To ensure that you get the best and accurate Data Point for your home or office, calling out a professional electrician is a must.


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