When was the last time you’ve had your electrical system checked?

Is your home prepared for a summer electrical storm?

Are you aware of the important things to get ready?


Let us help by showing you here what to prepare before a summer electrical storm hits. Read on.


What to Prepare Before A Summer Electrical Storm Hits


What to prepare before a summer electrical storm hits


Summer electrical storms are a well familiar event across Australia. In fact, there was a record of 118 to 130 deaths related to an electrical supply network in the past 19 years. Fortunately, these electrical deaths have decreased in number as people learned how to prepare for the summer electrical storms.


Early preparation is one of the main keys to become safe from this type of phenomenon. So, to ensure that you and your family are prepared and protected at your home, here are the things you need to get ready before a summer electrical storm hits.



Before the storm


There are other disasters aside from electrical storms that can happen during summer such as the following:


  • Cyclones
  • Strong winds
  • Mini Tornadoes
  • Flood



You may want to include these in your list of possible incidents you need to prepare for. So, before any of these occurs, getting an electrician to check up and maintain your electrical system will be your best move.


Before an electrical storm hits your area, make sure that your electrical system is in a good condition. See to it that there are no cut wires that may cause electrical shock to members of your family. Below’s a list of the things you must check before an electrical storm happens.


  • Outlets near areas with water (e.g outlets in bathrooms)
  • Dripping water near electrical wirings and outlets
  • Improper electrical connections
  • Damaged electrical appliances
  • Damaged electrical wirings
  • Grounded electrical outlets
  • Overheated wires


Leaving these electrical issues unfixed may cause bigger damage to your electrical system once a summer electrical storm hits. The electricity may pass through your electrical devices and cause shock or burn should anyone get in contact with it.


In case you notice these electrical problems with your system at home, call a professional electrician immediately. Taking early actions to electrical issues can ensure your home and family’s safety before an electrical storm hits.


For additional safety, you may request to install a surge protector from your electrician, especially if your home doesn’t have it yet. It’ll help in protecting your electrical system should an unexpected spike in voltage occur.


Things to prepare and check before a summer electrical storm hits


One way to ensure your home and family is ready for any summer phenomenon, aside from calling for a professional electrician to fix your electrical system, do these things below.


  • Get a battery-operated torch or flashlight
  • Stock some foods and groceries
  • Charge your portable radio
  • Charge mobile phones
  • Clean the gutters
  • Fix leaks in the roof
  • Prepare a first aid kit
  • Create an emergency plan with your family
  • Build an emergency kit/bag (emergency food, water, money)
  • Get the trees near your house trimmed or cut by a professional contractor


As soon as the summer season comes in, make sure to tune it to weather reports to get updates and early warning for summer electrical storms. Doing this and the things listed above will help in making you, your family, and your home prepared for any unexpected storms to hit.


During the storm


Now, should a summer electrical storm hit, below are the things you must remember and do.


Don't go outside


As much as possible, refrain from going outdoors while an electrical storm is occurring. Inside your home would be the safest place at this time. You might encounter falling wires, trees, and strong winds during the storm, which is very dangerous to anyone.


Unplug electrical devices


Unplug electrical devices where the electric current may pass through such as the following:


  • Computer desktop
  • Washing machines
  • Refrigerator
  • Televisions
  • Fans
  • Air conditioners
  • Mobile phone chargers


Due to the possibilities of lightning striking an electric pole, you must unplug all necessary electrical appliances to avoid the burst of an electrical surge in the power line.


Prepare a portable radio and torch near you


In case an electrical storm is occurring, make sure to place your fully charged portable radio, torch, flashlight, cellphones, emergency kit, and first aid kit near you. This way, you can easily use and reach them should the electricity be cut off.


If you get caught outside during an electrical storm, follow these tips below:


  • Stay away from electrical poles
  • Stay away from fallen power lines; Always assume they’re “ live “ and may electrocute you.
  • Take cover inside a car with a hardtop; It’s much safer than being out in the grounds.
  • Look for thick, small trees; It can be your cover from the storm.
  • In case you can’t find a car or a small tree, try to find a building or store to be your shelter immediately.


Staying inside your home is the best shelter you can have during a summer electrical storm. As much as you can, remain indoors and wait until the storm has passed.


Final thoughts…


Preparing early is being safe early before a summer electrical storm hits. This will be our best advice for homes and offices. Do these things ahead and make your home and your loved ones protected and ready to face a storm.


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Looking for a qualified electrician to help you inspect and prepare your electrical system before the summer electrical storm hits? Call DCI electrical today and book your electrical system’s checkup and maintenance.