Everybody gets excited when it is the Christmas season. You rush to the malls to buy gifts and Christmas decorations to make your house stand out among others.


Christmas safety electrical tips


However, you sometimes fail to think about the electrical safety for your home during this season. You buy Christmas lights and lanterns without even checking whether it passed the Australian Safety Standards. Before you know it, you have already brought danger inside your home.


Electrical Tips When Putting Up Electrical Decorations

Below are electrical tips that you need to consider when putting up electrical decorations at home:

  • Go for lights that only passed the Australian Safety Standards.
  • Make sure that all globes are fitted properly. Otherwise, do not use it.
  • Always check the wires for signs of damage and tear.
  • Look for damaged sockets, ripped wires and others that may look unsafe.
  • Carefully read and follow the manufacturers’ instructions.

Are you planning to buy second-hand lights? 

Let a licensed Electrical Contractor check it for you. This will give you the guarantee that these lights are safe to be used.


Electrical Tips When Celebrating Christmas Outdoors

It is common for us to celebrate Christmas outside. Who wouldn’t? With the sun up and wonderful weather, this is the perfect season to enjoy with your family and friends. 

But how do you ensure the electrical safety of your outdoor Christmas celebration?

All electrical connections in an outdoor event should be weatherproofed.

Here are the other things you need to know when setting up electrical decorations outside:

  • Do not use damaged leads.
  • Never use double adaptors.
  • Avoid using multiple high-powered lamps to prevent overloading.
  • Use extra-low voltage (such as solar lights and LED).
  • Avoid overheating by unwinding extension leads from time to time.
  • Install a safety switch, then test it before finally setting up your electrical decorations.
  • Do not forget to switch off and unplug all the lights and other electrical decors when you are no longer using it to avoid fire.


Final Thoughts for the Holiday Season

Whether you are celebrating Christmas inside or outside your home, always make electrical safety a priority. In this way, you’ll surely have a merry celebration with your friends and family.

If you are not sure about your electrical Christmas decorations, refer to a licensed electrical contractor. Send us a message so we can inspect and check your home for electrical safety.

Contact us, today. 

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