Your circuit breaker is an important element in your home’s electrical power system. It serves as a safety device that trips off when too much electric current passes through it. When a circuit breaker trips, your home’s electrical system will shut off, causing an exclusive power outage.


Circuit Breaker Trips What Should You Do


When your circuit breaker trips off, that could only mean two things. One is that your circuit has overloaded. The other thing is that a short circuit may have occurred. Both instances can lead to an electrical fire but with the help of the circuit breaker, accidents are preventable. Now, let’s dig deeper into the possible reasons why a circuit breaker trips.


What is circuit overload and how to avoid it?

Circuit overload happens when there are lots of appliances running all at once. With many appliances requiring electricity, so much electric current will pass through your electrical system. Most of the time, this situation can lead to overheating of appliances or electrical wiring.

To prevent your circuit from overloading, you have to avoid using many appliances at the same time. Keep the usage of appliances in check. Balance the use of appliances that require much electricity like the fridge, Air Conditioner, electric stove, iron, and water heater.


What is a short circuit and how to avoid it?

A short circuit, on the other hand, happens due to faulty appliances or electrical wiring. For this reason, the Electrical Safety Office in Queensland is prohibiting the purchase and use of appliances from other countries which are not tested through the Australian electrical standards.

Avoiding a short circuit is simple and easy. First, buy your appliances exclusively from a reliable appliance centre in Queensland. We also advise not to resort to the do-it-yourself method when an appliance or wiring is damaged. It is crucial to contact a licensed electrician for your household’s electrical works.

If the short circuit happens. You have to detect which appliance has malfunctioned. To do that, you will have to check your switchboard and look for the switch that goes off. Your switchboard contains several switches that correspond to the number of appliances you have. The switch that goes off is the one that connects to the faulty appliance in your home.

It is mandatory to have all power circuits as a minimum to be protected with a safety switch(es). Your electrician will be able to advise when and how (how many) safety switches need to be fitted.



A circuit breaker is a must-have at home. In reality, the Electrical Safety Office requires all residential properties to have a circuit breaker for fire safety reasons. A circuit breaker tripping is also an indication that something is wrong with your household’s power usage. Therefore, it is best not to have it tripped at all.

Should you need assistance in installing or inspecting your circuit breaker at home? Talk to us today!

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