The ongoing pandemic forced many of us to work from home. Although it sounds like a good and safe idea, the reality of working from home is far from pretty, especially with a very slow internet connection. This is not to mention recurring computer malfunctions that only results in a more stressful day-to-day experience.

How do you improve this?

Let’s begin by understanding the root cause of work from home issues that affect your productivity.


How to Improve Your Work From Home Experience with Better Data Point Installation


The problem with a poor and unstable connection

The thing about the abrupt shifting into a work from the home setup is that most people have not prepared their home office to accommodate this. Working from home means staying connected with your workmates virtually. Thus, it requires a strong and stable internet connection, which many of us may not currently have.

Having to work with a really bad connection is very frustrating. Firstly, it is difficult to stay visible in your virtual office with an unstable wi-fi connection. Staying inactive can hinder your work performance which partly, isn’t your fault. Adding to your frustrations is the lagging experience every video conference that is downright distracting.

Fortunately, there is a way to improve internet speed inside your home.


Read on.


What is data point installation?

If you are using a wireless connection to access the internet in your work from home setup, you might have come across the following issues:

  • Certain places in your home have a very bad reception
  • Your internet speed drops when more people connect in the wi-fi router
  • Unfavourable weather affect your internet connection

These problems naturally occur with a wireless connection. Wireless connection has less bandwidth and is prone to several interferences.

This is where data point installation becomes advantageous. Data point installation connects your router to certain points in your household for wired connection to be possible. A wired connection can provide faster internet speed and a more stable connection.

Your home is obviously not built for a home-office environment, but that can be fixed. With a wired connection through data point installation, your home can be conducive for work.


What other benefits will you gain from data point installation?

Aside from getting your working area the strong internet connection it needed, data point installation has other benefits. These include:

  • Stable internet speed even with multiple connections
  • Connects your devices such as laptop, printer, telephone, and fax machine into one system
  • Make installations of CCTV and other remote security tools possible
  • Stronger Smart TV signal

With all these benefits, you will not only have a hassle-free workspace. You can also monitor different areas of your home while you sit in your working area. After a busy day, you can also join your family and enjoy a home theatre experience.


DIY data point installation or not?

Some might argue that data point installation is basic and can be done DIY but we do not recommend this.

If you want to make sure you have consistency in all the data points installed all over your home, you should entrust the work to the experts. Setting up the data points and connecting wirings are crucial tasks. They must be done with expertise and precaution.

Should you need an electrical technician to work on your data point installation? See why DCI Electrical is the best contractor to make the job done here.

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