Do you cringe every time the winter season comes?

Are you worried that your energy cost will spike up again?

Confused on how to ensure your family remains warm without having to pay more on your energy bills?


Simple Tips to Reduce your Energy Bill this Winter


You’re not the only one who is worried about this. Most Australians are found to have higher energy bills during winter. This is mostly due to the need to heat up your home because of the lower temperature.


But is there any way to prevent this?

Yes! there are simple ways to reduce your energy bills this winter. Let us show you where to begin:


Efficient use of electricity

Do not heat up rooms that you don’t use. It is a direct waste of energy. Rather, focus on heating the room that you’re always using.

Turn off electrical appliances that are not in use. The appliances might not be working but when they’re plugged in, they still consume electricity. This way, you can save more money on your electricity and avoid unnecessary energy consumption.



Set the ideal Air Conditioning temperature setting

24 degrees is said to be the most ideal Air Conditioning temperature setting during winter. Make this simple shift and it can help reduce your energy cost this winter.

This may seem unfamiliar to you, but in reality, the higher temperature set on your AC, the more energy it will need to reach that setting. Therefore, you’re going to blow out your bill. So, it’s safer to set it in its ideal temperature setting, which is 24 during winter.


Utilise your curtains

Your curtains are not just simple decorations on your window. You can also use it to warm up your home. Open them during daylight and allow the sunlight to come inside your home. Then close them once the sun goes down.

Once you close them, you can trap the heat that went inside the house in the morning. You’ll be able to enjoy the heat all night through; thus, you can sleep conveniently without the need to blast the Air Conditioning.


Seal up holes

If there are holes in your home, the heat inside will most likely leak out. Thus, your house will be cold, and your AC will have to work harder to heat up the house.

To avoid this, seal or cover holes around your windows and doors. This is one way of making sure that your home is properly insulated. Insulating your house will help trap longer the heat inside and keep you cozy with lower energy costs.


Reuse the heat

Do you bake? Do you often use the microwave or oven? If yes, then let them help out in heating up your home. How? By leaving them open after you use them. The heat they’ve used in making your meal can be reused by letting them pass through in your home.

What a handy trick to heat up the home right? So, leave them open and just let them warm-up your home. You’ve got your meal and your home heated at a lower energy cost at the same time.


Get quick showers only

Taking long hot showers can spike up your energy consumption by almost 61%. So, using hot showers for long periods is a NO, NO. It must be avoided if you don’t want your electric bill to blow out.

We know that It may be tempting to take long hot showers, but if you do the other handy warming tricks in this list, a quick hot shower will be enough. After all, its winter!


Dress according to the season

Here’s the trick that can make your quick showers effective in warming you and reducing your energy cost. Choose and dress accordingly to the season. This is the time to use your sweaters, jumpers, and thermal clothes. Those clothes that you can’t wear when the time is too hot, well, this is the perfect weather to wear them.

Before turning up the temperature of your Air Conditioning, make sure that you’ve put on your jumpers, sweaters, and cute socks. This will help you feel warmer; thus, this will stop you from blasting your Air Conditioning heating mode because you already feel warm.


Put your ceiling fans on reverse

To help rotate and spread the warm air in your home, turn your ceiling fans on the reverse mode. This way, it can push down and scatter the warm air that has come up in the ceiling. This is no wonder because that is how air works. The hot air goes up, while the cold air goes down.

So, if you turn your ceiling fans on the reverse mode, instead of sucking the hot air, it will push it down and mix it with cold air below. This helps in warming the house.


Use warmer beddings too

Warm beddings together with snug Pyjamas and cute socks can help you sleep comfortably at night. Thus, you won’t need to turn your Air Conditioning setting higher. You may add a thick blanket too to help fight against the chilly winter night.


Let the professionals check

If your wiring system hasn’t been visited by a professional electrician for quite some time, this might be an ideal time to call them. Your wiring system might be outdated already. Your wirings might not be the right sizes anymore for the loads you’re currently using. Faulty old wiring with open insulations can leak electricity, thus, causing your electric bill higher.

Damage wirings that are connected and used by appliances can heat up too much and use more electricity. These are problems that can go unseen by homeowners living in their houses for long periods of time. Call a professional electrician to view your electrical system in your home.

They can give you a proper assessment of your electrical system. This way, you can reduce your energy cost and avoid possible electrical-related dangers.

Tell us what you think about these handy ways of reducing your energy cost this winter.

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