Autumn has come. Is your home’s electrical wiring prepared for it?

Yes, you’ve read it right and we won’t be surprised if you may be asking what do we mean by that? Aren’t the cooler autumn days better and safer compared to the hot summer season when it comes to electrical safety?


Electrical Safety Tips for the Changing Season


These are the facts:

Brisbane experiences an average temperature ranging between 15 – 25°C. This slow change in temperature can result in different electrical concerns. Thus, it is important to have a licensed electrician inspect your home and office electrical works. That is unless you are looking for “autumn trouble”.


Common Electrical Mishaps Experienced During Change of Season


The following are factors you should check when experiencing a change in season.



As soon as the cold season starts, uninvited animals such as vermin seek fortress against the cold. As a result, they can end up gnawing on your wires. This leads to short circuits and even blown fuses.


Downed wires

Exterior wire connections are tough but they can still wear, especially if they are exposed to outdoor elements. Since they’re exposed to outdoor elements, open wirings can accumulate dust and debris. This affects the wiring connections inside your home. Therefore, it is important to check all of your wires before the arrival of winter.


Electrical stress

Electrical issues such as electrical stress can happen in autumn too.

Before the arrival of winter, you should check if your heaters will not result in electrical stress. Autumn is a good time to test it in advance to ensure your family will remain warm during the coming winter season. 


What to Do to Avoid Electrical Mishaps

These electrical issues mentioned above, if not attended immediately, or prevented early can cause extreme damage to your home or office.  So below are the electrical safety tips to keep your home and office safe during this autumn in Brisbane.


Stop overloading electrical outlets

Since power supply and demand for heating increases during colder seasons, the tendency to overloading your electrical outlets may happen. What you don’t know is these electrical outlets have a standard load capacity. Thus,  overloading these can result in short circuits and fire, which may lead to death and injuries. 

How does overloading happen?

An overload on your electrical outlets may happen due to the use of multiple:

  • Adaptor plugs
  • Extension cords
  • Power strips

If you need additional electrical outlets, it is best to hire a licensed electrician who will install these extra outlets for you. Send us a message, today.


Unplug appliances when you’re going out

Whether you’re running for an errand or going on a long vacation, it’s a good practice to unplug your non-essential appliances like the TV, fans, and washing machine. This electrical safety tip will not only keep your home safe in autumn but all year round. You’ll also be surprised by how much you can reduce your energy consumption by doing this.


Regularly check the condition of your wires

Regularly checking up of the condition of your electrical wirings allows you to early detect any electrical problems. This includes issues such as:

  • Exposed wirings
  • Brittle insulations
  • Rusty circuit breakers

If you find or suspect any problems in your electrical system, have it immediately checked by a licensed electrician.

Call us today or send us a message.

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