Summer has begun and you must be feeling the heat rising. You are left with no choice but to lower your air conditioning unit’s thermostat to remain cool, especially during the day. However, this also means increased energy bills.


8 Energy Saving Tips for Australian Homes This Summer


Is there a way you can reduce these while remaining comfortable during the summer season? Read these energy-saving tips for you to consider and remember.


1. Have sufficient insulation

Make sure that your home is properly insulated. If not, then be prepared for a very hot summer and a huge amount of energy just to cool your home.

So, if it’s only now that you have realised the need for a good quality roof insulation, then it’s high time to start finding a builder to help you add some insulation to your roof and walls for a cooler summer experience.


2. Use your air conditioner wisely

Turning on your air conditioning unit gives relief to the family or your staff during the hot summer season hot. But in order to keep your running costs down, you have to:

  • Close the door of the room that you are using to keep it cool
  • Set your aircon between 23˚C and 26˚C only. (because each degree of extra cooling adds 10% to the running costs)
  • Set the timer of your aircon to 7pm since the temperature at night drops
  • Ensure your aircon filters are always clean for maximum machine efficiency. If you have forgotten to get these cleaned, it is best to schedule an appointment for a professional aircon maintenance company to have this done.


3. Double glaze your windows

Did you know that 87% of the heat that enters your premises is through the windows?

So, to lower your energy, consider investing in double glazing your windows to help manage the temperature in your home. This will also reduce any external noise for that additional peace of mind and security.


4. Take off a layer of clothing

If you think the season is too hot or maybe, you’re just feeling warm, take off a layer of clothing instead of turning on the air conditioner, especially if you are at home. This will surely help you save energy bills.


5. Save energy with curtains

You might be surprised, but yes, heavy curtains are perfect to punch out the heat at home.

Close up the heavy curtains at home during the day-time. But when it’s night-time, when temperature eases up, you can open them again.


6. Install indoor plants

Indoor plants are not only made to add beauty to your place, but t can also help bring down the temperature.

Plants like aloe vera, willow-leaf fig and snake plant absorb warm air, release oxygen and cool moisture.

Beat the summer heat and save energy by applying these tips at home.

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