Do you hear a buzzing sound from your pool pump?

Do you want to know if it’s already the right time to check it?

Or do you just want to make sure that it is still working right?

Pool pumps are the heart and life to the circulation system of any swimming pool. It is responsible for keeping your pool’s water safe and clean. Therefore, making sure that it is properly working is important.


How to Tell If Your Pool Pump Needs to be Serviced or Repaired


Now, below are the things that will tell if your pool pump needs to be serviced or repaired. If you see any of these things, make sure to immediately call for professional help.


What are the signs to look for?

These 5 signs can help you know if you need to get your pool pump checked.



Has your pool pump been working with you for quite a while now? Then, most likely, it will start to have some wear and tear, unless regular maintenance and check-ups are performed. Most pool pumps, that are regularly used, are said to last up to 8 to 12 years.

So if your pump’s age is already on this scale, then calling for a technician to service it will be your best choice. It’s a good thing to remember that, as your pump ages, performing extra care to keep it in a proper working condition is a must.

If you’re experiencing frequent breakdowns with your pump, call a professional technician today to help you. They can check what’s happening to it and assist you to analyse if a repair can still make it work.


Strange sounds

Now, as we’ve mentioned above, old pool pumps will slowly experience wear and tear. It may start to give off strange screeching or grinding sounds. It will sound like there are little stones inside.

The strange sounds may indicate loose or clacking bearings. It may already need a replacement. If you hear unusual vibration from the motor, then it could be shifting or dislodging.

Another reason for the strange sounds that you hear is cavitation. It happens when the pump does not get enough water.

Hearing these strange sounds are evident proof that it is the time to get your pool pump serviced or repaired. Don’t wait until it reaches the point of being unrepairable. Call a professional technician now to help you fix your pool pump and keep it maintained.


Air leak

Have you seen and experienced your pool pump sucking in the air instead of blowing it out? This means that there is an air leak. That is another sign that tells you it’s time to get a technician to service your pool pump. The cause for it is often broken plumbing or an O ring that is already thin and pinched too tight.


Water Leak

Another way to tell that your pool pump needs to be serviced or repaired is if water is leaking from it. This is an evident sign that there’s a problem with it.

Water leaks can have various causes such as the following:

  • Crippled mechanical seal
  • Damaged O-ring
  • Damaged pipings

If you see this happening, make sure to call for a professional technician to fix it right away and avoid further damage to the pool pump.


Electrical issues

Electrical issues are another important sign that tells you it is time to get your pool pump serviced or repaired.

If your pool pump is tripping or experiencing power breakdowns, then most probably, there’s a problem with its electrical function. You must know that the electrical part of a pool is important to ensure that it will work properly. It is the one responsible for the overall operation of the pump.

Therefore, if you start seeing signs of trouble with it, you need to have it serviced or repaired immediately. This way, you can avoid bigger problems that can cost you more money and even end up getting a new pool pump replacement.

So, there you go. Hopefully, we’ve helped you to determine easily if your pool pump needs to be serviced or repaired. If you see any of the points mentioned above happening to your pool pump, quickly call for a technician to help lessen the problem. Therefore, your pump can be kept intact in a good working condition.


Need a professional technician to help fix your pool pump in Toowoomba?

Are you suspecting that your pool pump in Toowoomba is experiencing any of these problems?

Do you want to check it and make sure that things are fine?

Here at DCI Electrical, rest assured that your pool pump will be handled by a licensed technician that is well-trained in fixing pool pump problems. Our team can offer electrical services at a very affordable price.

Call us now! We’re here to help you.

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