Have you ever woken up in the middle of a hot summer night because the AC stopped working? Have you ever experienced watching your favourite television show when suddenly, the power was out? Or have you arrived home from work to find out that your fridge was defrosted due to a blackout?

When we experience such a power outage in Toowoomba, we tend to immediately call our electricity supplier. We vent our frustrations to them without analyzing the situation first. What we often forget is that there are several reasons for a power outage that your supplier of electricity has nothing to do with.


Everything You Should Know About Power Outages in Toowoomba


Here, we listed some important information regarding power outages in Toowoomba. This will help you out whilst another power outage happens in your area.


What is a power outage?

A power outage is the sudden electricity loss in a given area for a short or long time. Depending on the cause of power loss, the affected area can range from a single house to larger regional outage.


What are the possible causes of a power outage?

There are several reasons for a power outage. Some will affect only your households while others can affect your whole community. Here are the possible causes of a power outage you’re experiencing:


Electrical Spikes

When the voltage of an electrical supply goes up all of a sudden, an electrical spike can happen. This results in a temporary loss of electricity.

When does it usually happen?

Electrical spikes more often happen during thunderstorms. However, a short circuit can also lead to electrical spikes. So, it is important to install surge protection to shield your appliances during these occasions.


Shield your appliances with surge protection - DCI Electrical


Strong winds and flying debris can damage a power line. When this happens, there will be a power outage. Sometimes too, your electrical distributor will opt to shut the power down during storms to prevent accidents. It can also cause a power outage.


Bush fires and other fire incidents

In cases of fire, your local electricity distributor will shut the power lines down. It is a precautionary measure to prevent more accidents. Therefore, expect a power outage when there is a fire happening near your area.


Road accidents

There are road accidents that involve a vehicle hitting an electrical post. This type of road accidents can also cause a power outage.


Roaming animals

Roaming animals can sometimes cause a power outage. Animals could trip or slither (in case of snakes) on power lines which can cause damages. When the animal is being rescued from a power line, the power is often cut to facilitate safe procedures.


power outages toowoomba - DCI Eelctrical


What can you do during a power outage?

Usually, family members gather around a room during a power outage. While playing board games can get you through a short-term power loss, it wouldn’t suffice for a whole day. What then shall you do during a power outage?


1. Keep calm and locate your emergency kit. Having an emergency kit ready can be very convenient for long-term power loss. Your emergency kit must contain:

✓ Battery-operated flashlight
✓ Candles
✓ Lighter or safety matches
✓ Portable radio
✓ Extra batteries
✓ Bottled water
✓ Ready-to-eat goods
✓ Portable charger
✓ First aid kit
✓ List of important contacts

2. There is a high chance your fuse box will be damaged upon the sudden return of voltage. To prevent that, turn off your household’s electricity outlet. Unplug everything as soon as the power outage takes place.

3. Call Ergon energy to let them know of the outage. If the line is busy, that means they are receiving a lot of calls from other affected households.

4. If you cannot reach them by phone call, try to look for updates on their website. During a power outage, your local electricity distributor often gives timely updates through their website.


Most of the time, a power outage is caused by accidents and unforeseen circumstances. Thus, we are requesting you to be patient during a power outage while we work things out. Rest assured that upon receiving a report of a power outage, DCI Electrical Services immediately move to resolve the problem. We know how power loss affects your living and we are doing our best to provide you with the best electrical services in Toowoomba and surrounding areas.

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