Hiring a skilled electrician in Toowoomba to cater to your electrical needs is an important decision, especially in these trying times. You can’t simply ask any “electrician” to enter your premise without knowing their background.

Why? It’s simple! if you choose a wrong electrician whose work is not on standard, you and your family can be put at risk of electrical-related accidents, which can even cost lives.

Only recently in South Australia, a young family has escaped a fire at their Henley Beach home that destroyed their shed containing a boat and camper trailer. See article.

Sounds bad? That’s why you need to ensure that the electrician you’re dealing with is reliable, knowledgeable, and efficient. 

But you may ask how can you find a skilled electrician in Toowoomba? Where do you begin?

Things to Consider When Choosing A Skilled Electrician in Toowoomba


Ask for license and registration

Before letting an electrician handle a single wire in your premises, make sure to ask for their license and registration. Do not be afraid to ask. You have all the right to check if they are registered in your local and national lists of registered electricians. You may check the Queensland Government’s website for the updated list of the registered electricians in the state.

A trustworthy electrician should be able to show you their license and registration with ease. They must not be hesitant to show you these, and if you see that they are, you must take that as a bad sign. Do not continue engaging with them.


Get work references

Getting at least 3 work references from them. This can either be their previous clients or current clients.

In getting work references, make sure that the electrician you’re hiring should have experience with repairing houses or offices in your local area. This way, you can be certain that they’re familiar with the local electrical guidelines.

Reliable electricians are “popular” among the industry. Thus, getting a recommendation from others are already a good sign that they are someone who can be trusted.


Request for initial quotes

If you now have a list of your potential electricians, it is time to request them for an initial quote. After getting their quotes, compare them to see which one is more affordable. However, be careful with cheap services that are offered by some.

Remember that experienced electricians may have higher rates, but this is because they have the skills and knowledge to ensure the work done inside your home or office is properly executed.

Now that you list of quotes, get a better deal by showing these to your chosen electrician for them to give you their estimated quotes and terms of payments.


Check for insurance

Whether your chosen electrician is from an electrical company or an independent contractor, it is important to check if they are properly insured. This will guarantee your protection in cases any problem arises, such as property damage or personal injury.

Why is there a need for insurance?

An electrician must hold insurance before doing any electrical work. It states all their legal obligations for any property damage or injury to other people associated with their services.


Check for possible additional fees

Don’t be shocked with additional fees on your receipt. Enquire upfront if there will be any additional fees associated with the repair or installation you have requested.

As another precaution, you should also ask how they charge for their work. Will he charge an hourly rate? Or do they charge their work differently? With this information, future conflicts can be avoided.


Read online reviews

Get social and check out their website. Head to their review sections and see how others have rated their services. Consider both negative and positive reviews posted on their Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn pages. You should also observe how they respond to these queries, especially with the negative feedback they receive.

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