Insufficient hot water system electrical services Toowoomba


The coldest time of the year is coming. The days will soon grow shorter and even colder. But is your hot water system in Toowoomba working well to ensure you remain comfortable this winter?

If unsure, then it’s best to know some things you should watch out for when checking the efficiency of your hot water system in Toowoomba. Otherwise, your winter will become a nightmare.


Checklist to Ensure Your Hot Water System in Toowoomba is Working Efficiently

You probably experienced the inconvenience of getting in the shower with freezing cold water. It is simply terrible. To avoid this from happening, consider the following questions:


When was my hot water system installed?

A typical life- span for a hot water system is just around 10 years. If its more than ten years or reaching this, it is high time you have it replaced with a new one.

Thus, the first thing you need to know is the age of your hot water system in Toowoomba. Other things you should also consider includes the following:


Does the pilot light go out often?

When this happens there may be faulty wiring on your hot water system. Do not touch this on your own; unless you are a licensed electrician. Let an expert hot water system electrician check this for you.

Talk to us.


Is there power going to your hot water system in Toowoomba?

Sometimes, one of the reasons why your hot water system is not working is due to power problems. Ensure your electrical wirings are working well. Talk to us if you see anything suspicious with these wires.


Does the water have sediment in it? Does the water coming from the tap brown in colour? Does the hot water get a strange smell or metallic taste?

There is definitely something wrong with your hot water system if you experience these three. That shouldn’t be the case. Let us inspect your hot water system to get it fixed.


Are you getting less hot water?

If you are getting less and less hot water each day, then it is a sign that it may have to be replaced at the soonest time possible. Let us help you find the perfect unit for your bathroom.


Is water leaking out of the system?

This is a dangerous matter. When this happens, turn off the power or gas to the system. Immediately call a professional electrician and a plumber to help you with this.


Does your hot water system make strange sounds?

When you notice a cracking or popping noise, it is a sign that it needs someone to check on its part. contact DCI Electrical to fix it for you.



Do yourself a favor by replacing your hot water system before it totally stops working to save money and time.

Always be cautious when checking your hot water system. If you’re quite not sure on how to perform the following tasks, contact professional electricians to examine your hot water system issues for your safety.

Our team of electricians can assist you with your hot water system issues and other electrical needs whether at home, offices and industries. Send us a message

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