The hottest season is in full swing and everyone is trying their best to keep their cool. We understand how tempting it is to just turn on your air conditioner, because, honestly, that’s the more convenient thing to do.

But doing so may also result in an increased energy bill, especially if you’ll continuously use your air conditioner throughout the summer season.

So is there a way for you to remain cool even without turning on that AC unit of yours?


8 Tips to Stay Cool in Summer even Without an Air Conditioning System

To relieve and help you from the summer heat, potentially overusing your air conditioner, and blasting your energy consumption, here are our 7 tips you need to remain cool in summer without air conditioning.


Utilise your fans

Fans, regardless of their size, will be one of your best tools to remain cool in summer without using air conditioners. Their energy consumption can only cost you about 65 watts per hour if you’ll use them wisely during summer. Read here to learn more about the benefits you can enjoy from installing ceiling fans at your home.

If you don’t have ceiling fans at your home yet, probably this is the best time to get one. Want to know which ceiling fan is best suited for your home? Check out here.


Run your ceiling fans counterclockwise

Use your fans wisely and remain cool in summer without air conditioning by running it counterclockwise. Turning your ceiling fan this way will make it suck all the hot air up and away from you. As a result, the cooler air will all be what’s left below in your space. Try this and your home will be much cooler even without turning on your air conditioner.


Focus on cooling yourself

When the temperature is scorching outside, most people tend to focus on cooling their home. But, focusing on cooling yourself, aside from cooling your place will be a smarter move.

Wear clothes that are made from cotton material as it can absorb perspiration compared to polyester materials. This way, you’ll feel cooler and more comfortable. You may also want to keep yourself hydrated and keep drinking iced water to remain cool without your air conditioner.


Do your cooking outdoor

You may think this is funny but, who would want to be cooking inside the kitchen when it’s forty degrees?  You wouldn’t, right?

So, use this as a nice excuse to do your cooking outside the house. It’s a perfect time for those barbeques and al fresco dining styles you’ve been wanting the past few days. You can enjoy eating and without running your air conditioner and raising your electric bill this summer.


Switch to buckwheat pillows

Using luxurious pillows made with goose feathers and conventional foams are nice if you want to be warmed up. But when it’s summer and the sun’s heat is still present in the evening, this type of pillow is not a good choice.

It’ll be better to switch and invest in buckwheat pillows since it has natural air spaces in between. This means they won’t hold on to your body’s heat even if they’re tightly packed in the pillow.


Cover your windows during the day

Another tip you need to remain cool in summer without air conditioning is to cover your windows during the day. Why? Because the sunlight that passes through your window can raise the temperature inside your home.

The heat from sunlight will stay inside the house and it’ll be hot and uncomfortable. Therefore, covering the windows with heavy curtains during the day is better to avoid the sun’s heat getting inside your home.


Do most of your house work at night

Doing anything seems to be hard and uncomfortable during the day, where the sun is up and the heat is too much to handle. So our tip for you is to do most of your house work at night.

We all know how moving and doing activities can heighten our body temperature. So, doing your house work in the evening when the temperature is cooler helps manage your body heat. This way, you can remain cool in summer without air conditioning.


Place cold packs in the freezer

Placing cold packs in the freezer is like an emergency cooldown aid for you and your family this summer. It’s easy and ready to cool should the midday heat hit you.

You can wrap the cold pack in a thin towel and place it in your feet, at the back of your neck, on your wrist, and other parts of your body. An easy and quick relief from the summer heat, agree?

There you go. Hopefully, you can utilise all these tips and remain cool in summer without air conditioning.

Of course, the cooling brought by air conditioning systems is also easy and effective, however, if you want to save more on your bills, doing these tips alternately with air conditioning is your best move.

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